Basic HTML tutorials: http://www.bfree.on.ca/html/


Arrrrgh... having problems converting the current layout into PHP - it keeps giving me errors (probably due to whatever evil lurks within CSE's webservers). I'll probably figure this one out soonish though.


Been working on revamping the portal site, changing the design, adding new stuff etc. Here's the development notes that Nadine and I came up with:

portal dev notes


*portal(? - links, linkage, etc)


-smooth out edges
-border on top only
-frozen matrix code for lh extra space
-keep window
-rework menu
-play w. bgcolor
-animated gifs for header?

code in php


icons, etc
things to break up text blocks

-gr/nh, 20.08.2001


news sites



really nifty discovery of the day: photoshop 5.5 is forwards-compatible, meaning it can read photoshop 6 documents. nifty or what? (handy as well.)


www.pixel-imp.com - very nice flash site. gotta love the drop shadow on the mouse cursor - it's all about the details.
www.coudal.com - click the yellow poster for photoshop tennis. yes, you heard right - photoshop tennis. it's fascinating what some people can come up with.
www.fanfiction.net - what i read when i'm bored. which is often.
heritage.stsci.edu/public/gallery - some images taken by the hubble space telescope which are, for lack of better description, gobsmackingly brilliant.
www.shockanime.com - what some people can do in flash is phenomenal.
www.assembler.org - fantastic dhtml stuff. you can even download some of their scripts to use on your own sites.

and that's it for now - i'm going to bed.